Born in the 1950’s Alice and Rick grew up in Scotland’s thriving industrial city, Glasgow.

During that era the common road taken was for children to go to school, get an education, if possible go onto college or university or get a good job. Mind you what is a good job?

Leaving school Alice managed to secure a government job within the civil service whilst Rick went down the conventional road of getting a trade.

They met and married in the early 70’s and again as tradition would have it, expectations were that children would follow soon after. They were fortunate to have two healthy children, a girl and a boy.  Although they lived in a comfortable home, it was a rental and they wanted something better – to own their own home.  To do this Rick had to join the Merchant Navy as an Engineering Officer which more than doubled their income. This lifestyle of Rick working away from home was the start of a trend that continues to the present day.

Leaving the navy in the early 80’s Rick came back to a country that was experiencing a fast decline leading onto the eventual death of Scotland’s industries. Living in a country that was deep in recession and one that offered no opportunities for Rick and his family, they decided to pack up and start a new life in Australia, looking forward to a new future.

Arriving in Queensland, the Sunshine State opened up a completely new lifestyle and career opportunities for Alice and Rick.

Alice has had a diverse career, covering sales, advertising, banking, government projects, writing and leading on to website management.

Rick, whilst remaining in the engineering field, has held various supervisory and managerial roles that created an income and lifestyle over the past 35 years. However, this has come at a cost – a continuation of the working away from home trend.

Like all other families at the beginning it was a case of ‘head down bum up’ to establish themselves as a family living the Australian dream.

… you plan to fail. They were too busy living for the ‘now’ that they forgot about planning for the ‘future’. They were under the impression, if you work hard and do the right thing, everything will work out. But what is the right thing?
They spent so much time in investing their knowledge and their time by using their skills in building other people’s businesses; they had no time to build their own business. They voluntarily gave away their freedom in exchange for a weekly pay cheque.

A few years ago they realised that it was not going to pan out as they had hoped. They were well entrenched in the 9-5 lifestyle, however for Alice and Rick, it was more like a 12 hour working day. They decided then to start investigating other alternatives to establish a better lifestyle for themselves.
During this period they looked at various enterprises – sales involving cold calling, investment opportunities and options trading on the share markets. Although some success was achieved it was not going to be sustainable and provide them with the lifestyle they were seeking.
After further research they identified that in today’s world there was an abundance of opportunities in online digital marketing. This would provide them with the income and lifestyle they were seeking.

… where and how do you start?  Can you relate to the uncertainty of what the future holds, as Alice and Rick did? For them, conventional investments like Superannuation, Pension Funds and Real Estate, just weren’t cutting it.

They realised through past experience that it was not just a case of identifying an opportunity and running with it. They believe that the definition of a good business opportunity must as a prerequisite include, support, training, encouraging, and mentoring for you to achieve success. They were fortunate to have found all these prerequisites within the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) educational system platform, which is a unique and totally unconventional methodology for success. With the advantage of earning while you learn.

They are now well on their way to achieving their goals with regards to the lifestyle they want to create and lead.

If you continue to do the things you have always done, you will continue to get the things you always got. Anon

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower others by raising awareness to the tremendous potential available in this digital lifestyle. Each of us harnesses a talent within us and it’s all about unlocking that talent and sharing our knowledge with others.

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Our vision is by sharing our story to others that millions of people will be inspired and realize the tremendous potential that lies within themselves. From this they can take action and create a life of their choosing.

Our Values

Our values are to be trustworthy, open and  honest with others. Building respect, dignity, fairness, caring, equality, and self-esteem and at all times leading by example.

Alice Duffy

Digital Marketing Specialist,
Writer and Entrepreneur

Rick Duffy

Branding Specialist and Entrepreneur

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