Monday Motivation – When You Feel Like Quitting

If you ever feel like quitting, always remember why you started in the first place. So often we are full of good intentions and when the road gets a bit bumpy we fall off the tracks.

Remember you didn’t start something this meaningful for nothing, you didn’t start this journey to stop halfway through. The reason that drives you is still there, and it won’t go away until you succeed.

Although the attached video focuses more about never quitting on training … the message is still the same regarding building your future …. Never Quit.

To become a person who never quits, all you have to do is never quit. You’re already that person, if you choose to be that person in every moment. If you decide to never quit in every moment, you will eventually succeed at absolutely everything no matter how many times you fail.

Perseverance will beat EVERYTHING hands down. Someone who never quits, is utterly unstoppable.

Never forget … feelings are temporary but … results are permanent.

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