Getting Rich – No Experience Required

We wanted to share with you a very interesting documentary that we have watched called – Getting Rich – No Experience Required. The film is about two regular guys who went on a journey to discover what being rich is really all about.

Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis, are two Canadian entrepreneurs who attempt to answer the question of how people get rich. During their journey Doug and George attend a SFM conference in Las Vegas and enter the world of digital marketing talking to people who have chosen the digital lifestyle as their solution to creating a rich life.

This honest portrayal of real people trying to better their lives looks at the motivations along with the realities of what this journey means.

Real questions – Real Training

As you can see by the documentary they asked real questions about how real training can assist in creating a rich and full life.

This entire project was self-funded with no sponsorship or advertising as they wanted to create an authentic presentation of their journey and the people they met.

After doing their research and asking some important questions which are featured in this documentary, they concluded that the Six Figure Mentors is a legitimate training organisation that can help people develop online marketing skills that can be used to generate wealth and/or build a digital business.

Of course, having been students of the SFM for almost two years, we wholeheartedly agree with them. However, the SFM do not do the work. They provide the tools, the training and the support for you to do the work and be successful.

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